Amit Bhadana Wiki, Age, Family, Girlfriend & More

Amit Bhadana YouTube has become very popular in today’s time. Its number in India is constantly increasing. Today we are going to tell you about a person who has made his identity on YouTube and he is a successful person today.

We are talking about Amit Bhadana. With his native style, he has won the hearts of crores of people by making videos of laughter jokes. Today, people of all categories like to watch their videos, whether they are children or old.

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Today, he has more than 22 million subscribers on YouTube, which shows how much people like his videos. One of the reasons why people like his videos is that abusive and vulgar words are not used in his videos at all.

Amit Bhadana Biography

How difficult it is to make a mark in India today. Facing the same difficulties, a simple family boy from Noida in Uttar Pradesh has earned his name across India today.

We are talking about Amit Bhadana. Amit Bhadana became a big YouTube creator at the age of 25, who has earned his name across India in just 2 years.

Amit Bhadana uploads his videos on YouTube and every video of them remains in the Trend. Every video of Amit Bhadana is different from its old video and in some new style. Their new dialogues are seen in every video of them. For this reason, every video of him is well liked by children as well as elders.

Amit Bhadana Family

Amit Bhadana was born in a Gurjar family on 7 September 1994 in Delhi. His father’s name is Narendra Bhadana, who is from a Gurjar family. His father left him in 1999. After which he lives with his mother, grandmother and uncle. He considers his grandmother and his uncle as his God.

Since childhood, Amit Bhadana has lived his life like a native and ordinary person. All these people have been laughing at their jokes since the beginning and have entertained everyone.

Amit Bhadana School Life

Amit Bhadana completed his schooling from Yamuna Vihar School. Amit Bhadana’s name used to be top among the funny children of the school. She has been interested in making everyone laugh since childhood. After completion of school, he preferred to study law. He has also completed a law degree.

Amit Bhadana Career

Amit Bhadana uploaded his first video on Facebook. But what he knew was that this video is going to bring a new twist in his life. This video was watched by millions of people in a short time and was also liked.

But after all this, people asked Amit Bhadana to pay attention in his studies. He has no future in videos. Even then, Amit kept it.

Amit’s nature was shy from the beginning. Because of this, he himself did not want to bring his face in the video. Amit used to make dubbing videos earlier, but after some time his copyright came to Chennai and that Chennai was discontinued.

Still Amit did not give up and opened a new Chennai and took himself in that Chennai video. People liked this work very much and Amit is in front of everyone as a big YouTuber.

Amit has also received offers for movies. But he has not done any movie yet. So far Amit Bhadana produces Youtube Video only.

Amit Bhadana’s YouTube channel

Amit Bhadana uploads funny videos on his YouTube channel. He writes these videos himself and edits them all himself. Every new video of Amit Bhadana is different from his previous videos.

Now Amit also makes videos with Bollywood star to promote his movie. Recently Amit has made videos with Akshay Kumar for Good News and Ajay Devgan for Tanhaji. Apart from these, Parmish Verma has also been seen in his videos, which has also been liked a lot.

There is a video in Amit Bhadana’s video which is made on the school life of siblings. Amit Bhadana says that this video has given him more success.

Amit Bhadana Girlfriend

Amit Bhadana is still unmarried. But there are some rumors on social media that his good friend Riya Mavi is his girlfriend. But there really is nothing like it. Riya has not been seen in his videos in the last few days. Amit considers Riya a good friend of his.

Amit Bhadana Social Media

Amit Bhadana gives notification of his new video through story on his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. With this, they also get to interact with their fans on social media, when they are Instagram Live, then they also make their fans part of the live and talk to them.

Amit Bhadana has also uploaded a song on his YouTube channel. You can see his complete introduction in this song. The title of this song is also “Parichay”.

Amit Bhadana Parichay Song has also made many records on Youtube. So far this introduction song has achieved more than 77M Views.

His channel has also made many world records, which has not been able to make any channel of India yet. Today Amit’s Chennai has become the most watched Chennai in India. With this, Amit has also acquired the title of Number One Youtuber in India.

Amit Bhadana says that he will upload one more song when 20M Subscribers are full on his channel. Now the figure of their channel has also been exceeded. Amit Bhadana has informed his fans through social media that his 20 million upcoming song will be gone by the famous singer Badshah and the title of that song will be “confidence”. So their fans are waiting for this song very much.

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